Update November 14, 2013: We’re currently doing a “pause” in new applications; please stay tuned here (or email us at to be added to our dist list) and we’ll share updates with you soon!

Are you an entrepreneur committed to building new web technologies that align with Mozilla’s values to support openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web?

Today we’ve opened up applications for the next WebFWD Cohort! You can do this on our website or on our AngelList page.

The next cohort format will be a slightly shorter 3-month schedule to incorporate some learnings from the current cohort in the spirit of continuous improvement. High-level timeframes are:

  • Deadline to Apply: December 15, 2013
  • Notification of Final Decisions: January 28, 2014
  • Class Kickoff: Week of February 10th, 2014

We look forward to reading your application!

The WebFWD Team

As we prepare for our upcoming graduation in a few weeks (which will be live-streamed — RSVP here!), we’re also actively recruiting our next class. And today we’re pleased to announce that startups around the world cannot only apply on our site, but also right on AngelList.

If you’re not already on AngelList - and have any remote interest in startups - it’s time to change that. The site was started just 3 years ago by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, the guys behind startup resource VentureHacks. It’s evolved into a funding, recruiting and overall-connecting platform for startups, investors, service providers, accelerators, incubators and more. Their platform is pushing traditional investors to the edge of innovation; for example, they recently launched an online investing tool and are keeping VCs, angels and the investment ecosystem on its toes. In addition, Naval will be joining a panel of investors coaching our startups the day before Demo Day.

We’re super thankful for our partnership with AngelList and the introduction to them from the awesome peeps at Hackers & Founders. With friends like ours, we count ourselves lucky to get some great stuff done for our teams.

It’s been an exciting time to launch an accelerator, given the amount of change, resources and investment available to startups. But Mozilla’s DNA is a little bit different (and always has been). Rather than shooting for the greatest ROI or financial gain, we are driven by one thing: keeping the web open and accessible. This means supporting technologies, projects and companies which are at heart innovative more than anything else.

As Mozilla’s program to support open web startups, this means that the thing we care about the most - more than spreadsheets, hockey stick growth and market research - is the degree of innovation that teams bring forth when they apply to our program.

So how do we assess this? Pascal actually blogged about this earlier this year; here is an excerpt:

A while ago I came across Doblin’s “Ten Types of Innovation” model - although it is by far not perfect, it provides a really neat, concise way to look at (and evaluate) innovation. The way Doblin’s model works is: For each innovation (project) you check them on each of the ten factors of the model (which fall into three broad categories: Configuration, Offering and Experience).

If you are interested in the kinds of startups that excite us, please check out Pascal’s full post.

We look forward to seeing your application!