The final installment in our close-up features of WebFWD IV teams: ViziCities!

Peter Smart is a design-thinker who recently traveled 2517 miles to try and solve 50 Problems in 50 Days. He writes, speaks and consults on user experience and innovation.

Rob Hawkes thrives on solving problems through code. He’s a Digital Tinkerer, former Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, author of Foundation HTML5 Canvas, and a Brit.

We believe in the power of the open web. By building on open technologies and open data, we’re looking to create a tool that will fundamentally change how people are able to understand, explore and solve problems for cities worldwide.

Mozilla is at the heart of driving innovation on the open web, and by working with Mozilla we’re looking to push ViziCities even further, capitalise on the amazing press the project has received and develop a tool which will shape the way people understand cities for years to come.”