Our team of geeks got together two years ago with the mission of making a cutting-edge HTML5 game that rivaled the complexity of Triple-A games for desktop PCs. We had a mixed background, from business-to-business software solutions to architecture and concept art, but what we shared was our passion for gaming. We developed BugTopia, the game of tiny adventures on an epic scale, the tale clever insects who rule the world and struggle for resources in the mysterious Land of Harendar.

A year into development, we’d already created the prototype for Gameleon: it was the game editor we used to create and publish content for BugTopia. That’s when we realized we had an awesome product, so we focused all our efforts into polishing and refining the editor into something that can be used by anyone in the world to create their very own MMORPG's for the web. We really wanted to democratize game-making - and here we are today!

We won the IXIA Innovation prize at How To Web and have received seed funding from Eleven Accelerator. The next logical step was applying to Mozilla’s WebFWD program, not only because it would have been an honor to participate, but because it would have been an acknowledgement that our idea had great potential. Together with Mozilla, we know we can bring about a big change in the web gaming world!