Blog is an open source freemium service that helps you manage and monitor your virtual machines on multiple public and private clouds using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. was founded by Dimitris, Mike, Markos and Chris.

We’ve been working together for several years and in 2009 we co-founded, a software consultancy. We were researching existing tools to help us manage our cloud servers but none seemed up to the task so we built As the project grew, two new members were added to the team: Stephane, an expert in front end development and mobile applications; and Yiannis, a talented designer, UI/UX specialist and creative coder.

Cloud computing makes our lives easier, but also makes it easy to forget where our data really lives and who has ultimate control. With we want to empower the cloud user instead of the provider. We’re terrified to witness cloud providers abusing their control over their clients’ infrastructure for political ends (e.g. Amazon vs Wikileaks). Interoperability, open standards and open source software are essential to the information society, so we are working with Mozilla and WebFWD to contribute towards a more open Internet.