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Nudge is a better way to build websites. Our web-based platform lets individuals and teams design, develop, and manage projects in one place, on a single stack.

We are a two-person team, Breck and Ben. We started working together in 2009, and that same summer we participated in Y Combinator.

A bit more on us:

Breck: I am from Brockton, MA. I attended Duke University and have spent the last five years as a software engineer. I am currently a cofounder, CEO, and developer for Nudge.

Ben: I am from Seattle. I split time in college between Amherst and Georgetown. I moved to San Francisco in 2008 to work for Google. I am currently a cofounder, designer, and front-end developer for Nudge.

We are excited to be joining Mozilla WebFWD. We admire Mozilla’s commitment to open source and hope to join Mozilla’s efforts in creating a more open and democratic web. The WebFWD program offers us access to an amazing developer community and a team of experts that can help us tackle the technical challenges of building a web-based platform.