We’re back at it again! After a successful graduation of our last cohort, we’ve already recruited our next class! They’ll be assembling at Mozilla’s HQ and San Francisco offices next week for a series of pitching and meetings with our community.

We’ll do individual blog posts with more details on each team here in the next few weeks; until then, here’s the First Look at these amazing teams, representing Athens, Boston, Bucharest, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Eugene, Oregon!

  • Anahita ® is an open source social networking software that provides the building blocks for people to connect, express, and communicate. It also provides a powerful web and mobile framework for developing custom social networking solutions.
  • Appsembler ‘s mission is to elevate the open source ecosystem and make open source software more accessible. Our curated marketplace of ready-to-run open source web apps makes it easier for non-technical people to find, try and buy apps. Developers and vendors can register apps, set a monthly price and earn money by selling subscriptions on their own website using our 1-click try-before-you-buy widget.
  • craftyy. Games should belong to the players. With Craftyy, they can remix games, build upon them, and share their work to the world. We enable players to become makers. A game that constantly evolves goes from being a mere time-waster, to being the core of a community.
  • Gameleon is a cloud-based web platform that allows users to make their own multiplayer browser game or to gamify an activity without any programming skills or experience. It’s a completely visual tool that will be accessible on any HTML5-enabled device, as will any game created with it. It also handles the hosting and publishing of users’ web games and will allow them to monetize their creations.
  • helps you manage and monitor your virtual machines on multiple public and private clouds using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Create, destroy, reboot and tag virtual machines and - more importantly - execute shell commands through the web, using an interface optimized for touchscreens. gathers detailed usage statistics for your virtual machines so you can configure events to trigger email and SMS notifications or automated responses e.g. restarting services, auto-deploying virtual machines when the load increases.
  • Mobozi is building a mobile web platform for creating, collecting, and managing user generated media. Mobile devices have become huge media creation tools, however very little of this sharing is done through the mobile web. We are utilizing HTML5 to make dealing with media over the web just as easy and enjoyable as through a native app.
  • Nudge is a better way to build websites. Our web-based platform lets individuals and teams design, develop, and manage projects in one place, on a single stack.
  • Vizme is an HTML5 app development platform that simplifies and accelerates the creation, storage, testing, and hosting of fully cross-platform (desktop and mobile) web and hybrid apps and sites. Vizme integrates over 1,300 open-source and public libraries into one coherent platform and automates over 500 development tasks.