Fairly early on in our development of WebFWD program we launched our Scouts program. As our eyes and ears (and mouths) on the ground in various centers of tech activity, our Scouts have proved to be a critical element in our success. They’ve driven awareness by appearing at many meetups and industry events, spreading the word about the resources we have to offer innovative web startups. We can proudly point to 3 of our teams who have been referred to us by our Scouts!

We hope you join us in welcoming our newest WebFWD Scouts!

  • Vlad Maniac, Tiberiu C. Turbureanu, and Tiberiu Covaci all met Diane on her trip to Romania last November.
  • Monique Almario, Manoj Sharma, Alvin Chan, Jonathan Richie Yap all met Didem on her trip that same month to Singapore and the Phillippines.
  • Nick Grossman came to us through our awesome mentor, Melissa Shapiro; and Gauthamraj Elango learned of us in his work as a Mozilla Rep.
  • You can read more about their backgrounds on the scouts page here.

    All of our new Scouts have jumped in, taking quick initiative in spreading word for WebFWD all around the world. Here is just a taste of some recent activities from them and our other Scouts:

  • Monique Almario gave talks about WebFWD at Women’s Entrepreneur on Web Ph, a campus tour with Mozilla ReMos in Pamantasan, and at Firefox OS App Days in Manila.
  • Tiberiu C. Turbureanu gave a talk about WebFWD at the Firefox 18 launch party in Iași, Romania, one of Romania’s top 2 Computer Science centers.
  • Benny Chandra shared about WebFWD at WikuFest 2013: The Connected World Series in Malang East Java, Indonesia this weekend.
  • Fauzan Alfi Agirachman gave a talk at IT-Preneur by Universitas Padjadjaran.
  • Vlad Maniac attended conferences and promoted WebFWD in December.
  • Many of our scouts attended the Firefox OS App Days in their respective cities: Gauthamraj and Thej GN in Bangalore; Eleftherios Kosmas in Athens; Joseph Somogyi in Berlin; Viking Karwur, Benny Chandra and Fauzan Alfi in Jakarta; Monique in Manila; and Tibi in Bucharest.
  • Now that’s a global team for a global web!


    Monique gets ramped up in the Philippines!