Over the past 3.5 months, our teams have poured hours of work into their strategies, user research, marketing and positioning tactics and more. They’ve spent lots of time on BigBlueButton coaching one another and sharing best practices, victories and challenges. They’ve met with our mentors, acquired customers, and pitched pitched pitched.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Each team has done some super cool things during their time in WebFWD. Below is our chance to brag about them. If you want to hear from them directly, please be sure to check them out next Wednesday, January 23rd as they graduate (RSVP here — live stream available). There will be a few more announcements then ;)

— The WebFWD Team

During the WebFWD II Program, our teams have accomplished a lot! Some highlights:

  • Completed major product redesign and update.
  • Transitioned from closed beta to open beta in time for demoing at MozFest, Mozilla’s annual hands-on gathering for artists, designers, creatives and hackers to gather and meet.
  • Conducted 4 successful workshops in Hackerspaces located in London, Berlin, Athens and Patras.
  • Acquired 1,000 new users (out of 2,400 total as of this publishing
  • Harp Platform

  • Completed MVP and defined initial target audience.
  • Acquired 2,000 registered users.
  • Spoke at CascadiaJS on scalable distributed systems.
  • Built distributed source control management system on top of Dropbox.
  • Open sourced harp (SSG), thug (orm replacement) and continued to develop node-dbox.
  • Acquired 300+ new customers.
  • Launched 1,000+ app instances
  • Exciting announcement at WebFWD Graduation ;)
  • Linklib

  • Completed prototype.
  • Commenced private beta at MozFest.
  • Linklibbed 200 videos.
  • Acquired 70 beta testers as of January 2013.
  • Launched first Linklib film project, partnering with 6 television networks, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  • Integrated Linklib into the VHX video player (check out this link!)
  • Reached 2 million views for trailer to the linklibbed film in first week (!)
  • Sketchfab
  • Selected from among 850 teams as one of the “glorious top 8” at Pioneers Festival in Vienna.
  • Tripled user base, growing from 6K to 18K.
  • Doubled traffic from 50K to 100K unique visitors per month.
  • Received favorable coverage by various publications including TechCrunch, Wired and Smashing Magazine.
  • Close to finalizing 1st seed round
  • Shortlisted in 2 categories for the Europas (leading European tech event)
  • Named 29th top site by 3D professional publication 3ders

  • Completed prototype to construct a 237GB Serverless Database for Common Crawl using 300+ Ec2 Instances
  • More announcements planned :)
  • Wercker
  • Completely bootstrapped and expanded the team to 5
  • Entered private beta.
  • Won both People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice for best startup at the GigaOM Launchpad Competition at Structure Europe.
  • Announcing more exciting news imminently!