Well, this is a paraphrase of the infamous Buckaroo Bonzai character, but the point is similar: Mozilla and WebFWD want to be wherever you - the greatest innovators for the open web - are. To that end, our program is open to everyone and we don’t ask you to relocate.

We are doing some traveling this month to not only spread the word, but grow our Scouts and mentor networks as well. Do you know anyone in these places? Please let us know and maybe we can meet!

The Phillipines. Mozilla has quite an active community there, and Didem will kick-start her mini-tour of Asia here, visiting various members of the Mozilla and open source communities there.

Singapore! Last year Diane had a chance to visit many people in Singapore; it’s therefore really great that this month, Didem will also be visiting this island state. She’ll be meeting Mozillians attending MozCamp, as well as meeting with lots of local entrepreneurs and techie types.

Eastern Europe. This November Diane is off to a host of cool events, as follows:

    Cluj, Romania. She’ll first head to Cluj for “Open Web, Open Business,” an evening organized by the Mozillians in Cluj and including local entrepreneurs as well as Mozilla’s European Community Manager (and WebFWD Scout) Brian King. It’s already being picked up by the local media and should prove to be a great time.
    Bucharest, Romania. Next up is a trip to HowToWeb, a 3-day assembly of tech entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Diane will share the stage with other accelerators (including our friends at Seedcamp and Rockstart) to ensure more people know exactly what Mozilla is doing to help entrepreneurs. She will coach some of the startups pitching.
    Tallinn, Estonia.. Mozilla has a die-hard contributor here, Otto de Voogd, who has set up a fantastic schedule for Diane. First, she’ll meet with entrepreneurs at Garage48, a vibrant co-working and event space; then they will move on to the Estonian IT College where Diane will share more about Mozilla’s history, community and vision for the future.
    Vilnius, Lithuania. Diane’s last stop is in Lithuania for Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltic States aka “SVC2B”. An ambitious schedule is planned over 2 days, where Diane will share about Silicon Valley and how Lithuanians can draw off its historical learnings for its own growth.