Hard to believe that nearly half a year has past since the first WebFWD Summit came to town last December. Hard to recall how much we’ve learned and grown. In recent months, three new teams have joined the WebFWD program. This weekend, at the Summit, we’ll host David and Tristan from Entropy Wave, J and Christian from Tomahawk, and Diwank from iHeartCode. We’ll spend time with team members we haven’t met yet in real life, like Maggie “@magicbeans" Vail of CASH Music and Justin Pahara from Synbiota. And we’ll catch up and swap stories with veterans from Big Blue Button, CASH Music and the OpenPhoto Project.

But for the participants themselves, the Summit is about the work, and storytelling is just a small piece of it. As the WebFWD program comes of age, we’re honing in on structure and execution, on deliverables, on releasing code and shipping product.

The four days in Mountain View are chance to dig in and get focused on product and business challenges. Friday is a day of workshops: deep dives with mentors and experts on user experience issues; brand, positioning, communications and marketing strategies; hands-on sessions for finance and accounting; and one-on-one meetings with technical advisors.

Saturday is an Open Work Day, and you’re invited to participate! There’s no better way to get a feel for the people and projects of WebFWD. This is a day-long opportunity to see what it means to build a minimum viable open source product or service with a small team of passionate stakeholders. This event is a cross between a Hack Day and a sprint, and you’re welcome to stop by Mozilla’s Mountain View office to collaborate and code, or dial in remotely to work alongside your favorite team. Mozilla is geo-distributed workplace, and this work day is no exception.

Each of the participating WebFWD teams has posted a list of tasks where they could use help from contributors and fans: from UX and fast prototyping to JavaScript to Python to server-side chops - there are so many ways - large and small - to lend a hand and push the Web forward. Register to attend in real life or virtually via Air Mozilla. We’re even hoping a few hackers from the London MDNHackDay will join us.

Photo credit: Open for Work by Jeremy Brooks