It’s an exciting spring for WebFWD with three new teams joining the WebFWD program in April. For starters, here’s an introductory post from J Herskowitz of the Tomahawk team. Enjoy the music! Here’s J:

We are excited to announce that Tomahawk - the multi-source social media player - is joining the WebFWD portfolio. “Wait…”, you say, “isn’t Tomahawk a desktop application? What does it have to do with the web?”

Hey, we are glad you asked. Yes, Tomahawk is indeed a cross-platform (Windows/OS X/ Linux) open-source music application. One, in fact, that breaks down the content silos that hinder cross-service and cross-territory social music experiences. Tomahawk does this by decoupling music metadata from its file source. When I share a song with you, your instance of Tomahawk finds your best available source to fulfill that play request - whether it’s your local library, a remote library, a subscription music service, or music promotion platform. This approach not only empowers music data portability by operating as a translation layer between services, it also ensures that your playlists are owned by you and can be fulfilled by any and all music sources available to you.

Once we are all able to speak the same raw musical language (metadata), what about all that rich context scattered across the web? Well, Tomahawk has a web server, API, and authentication mechanism built-in. Bloggers, writers, curators, reviewers and everyone else can write about and curate music without having a way to provide the files/streams.

Until now music sites had to provide links to multiple music providers, MP3 links, or embedded YouTube videos. Now these curators can rely on you to bring your own (accessible) content to their context. They can just provide metadata and/or microformats that Tomahawk can use as a trigger to automatically fetch the streams in the background and play back to you through their websites (from your Tomahawk instance).

Think of Tomahawk as your own music lackey, running around and fetching whatever you want to play on-demand. Confused? That’s OK, you can see it in action here, or check out the first two modest web integrations at and, with much more to come.

Hopefully at this point you are thinking, “Hey, that’s pretty cool but who the hell are you?” Touché! We are a feral team of music tech nerds - scattered all over the world - that found each other through luck, mutual contacts and music hackdays. We have worked on a few cool things you may have heard of:, LimeWire, Winamp and Amarok. We have also worked on a bunch of things you have probably never heard of but that’s OK… like mad scientists, we believe in experimenting until you find the magic formula. We are feeling pretty good about the concoction we are brewing up in Tomahawk and hope you do too. If you like it, check out the source code and/or APIs and get hacking.

Meanwhile we are really excited to be working with Mozilla and WebFWD to help us spread this vision and make true music data portability and seamless sharing a reality.