It’s a new year, a time when good habits are formed. Test-driven software development is no exception!

At our Summit last month, Mozillian Mike Hanson shared some benefits of testing (including coding discipline and ways to integrate broader groups of code contributors). Today, we got to see one of our Fellows, CASH Music, doing this in action. Duke Leto shared how CASH is using tools like SimpleTest and Jitterbug to better collaborate and streamline its testing and release processes.

Interestingly, we learned that starting the test habit was tough, but once CASH got into the groove, it’s become an addiction virtually as powerful as coffee for the team. In fact, CASH is so into this that they’ve moved on to employ Continuous Integration as part of their software development cycle (in the spirit of open source, you can even see it here). This employs alerts that help developers bypass mistakes that come from mere forgetfulness, and helps them identify which commits lead to breaks on the functionality, among other benefits.

You can actually watch how these tools work in Duke’s fantabulous presentation. We’ll look forward to hearing how your TDD (test-driven development) goes!

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