We are thrilled to officially announce BigBlueButton of Ottawa, Canada as our sixth portfolio team! As developers and promulgators of open web technology, the BBB crew is devoted to helping people connect more effectively through their conferencing, as well as archival & playback solutions, and empowering users to improve upon it through extended development.

How do we know BBB is so great? Every week at WebFWD we provide our teams with dedicated learning sessions we call “LearnFWD.” We invite experts in areas such as branding, design, architecture and law (extremely partial list) to share their expertise and their slideware, and take questions from our teams in a very interactive way.

Wait, you say: aren’t our teams located around the world? What kind of magic is happening to have interactive sessions each week?

Enter BigBlueButton, a phenomenal open-source web conferencing system that lets presenters engage with our teams through real-time sharing of audio, video, chat, presentations, and desktops. We’ve been using it from the start and have been mightily impressed with how easy to use and effective it’s been for our teams.

So, it’s only taken us a few months to realize just how great a fit they are for the WebFWD Fellow program! We’ve been witnessing their value firsthand via LearnFWD, and we’re excited to help this value grow for many more students, projects and life learners in the future!